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China Professional Worm Gear Speed Reducer Transmission Motor Reduction Worm Gearbox supplier

Product Description

We produce speed reducers in strict accordance with ISO9001 standard to provide our customers with high quality gearboxes at competitive prices. Our gearboxes are equipped with accessories from international famous brands, such as oil seal from CZPT brand,lubricant from Shell brand, and bearing from CZPT brand. The housing and gear are produced in our company under stringent quality control. All our products are available in large stocks, and we can also provide you with customized reducer solutions, pleasefeel confident to contact us.


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated
Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Soft Tooth Surface
Installation: Oscillating Base Type
US$ 28.2/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



worm reducer

What is a worm gear reducer gearbox?

The worm gear reducer gearbox is used to change the output speed of the mechanical device. It consists of worm and helical gears mounted on the input side of the equipment. In some cases, this gear reduction system can be multi-stage, enabling extremely low output speeds. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and low vibration.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearbox

Worm gear reducer gearbox is an effective device to reduce the speed of mechanical equipment. The use of hard steel or non-ferrous metals for the worm increases its efficiency. Worms made of hard steel generate more heat than worms made of mild steel. Different thermal expansion results in gaps between mating surfaces. Despite its many benefits, worm gear reducer gearboxes are prone to oil leakage, which can be a problem for a number of reasons.
Hollow shaft worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in different gear ratios and are compatible with many motor types. Some are available in dual-axis and single-axis configurations and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. They are also available in intermediate ratios, as well as four- and five-speed transmission types. They can also be connected with additional output shafts.
Another type of worm gear reducer gearbox is the multi-stage variety. This gear reducer gearbox has multiple stages, enabling it to reduce speed with extremely low output speeds. In addition to the large transmission ratio, the multi-stage gear reducer gearbox has low noise, low vibration and low energy consumption.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes offer space-saving solutions as well as increased torque. Agknx Gearbox offers worm gear reducer gearboxes that solve common deceleration problems. The company has also expanded its product range into the bathroom market. Compared with the standard gearbox, the worm gear reducer gearbox has the characteristics of lower price and better torque output.
Agknx worm gear

The Agknx type worm gear reducer gearbox has multi-tooth line contact and is widely used in heavy machinery. These gears are characterized by a high load-carrying capacity, but they are highly sensitive to misalignment and manufacturing errors. However, by employing point contact, these gears can be made more reliable and can withstand higher loads.
Another major advantage of the Agknx worm gear is its high load capacity. The tooth profile design of the gears has a high relative slip ratio, which improves efficiency and load capacity. In addition, the large angle between the sliding direction and the contact line provides a low coefficient of friction. The Agknx worm gear also features premium carburized steel and phosphor bronze castings for exceptional durability. In addition, the tooth profile is very precise, the operation is quiet, and the speed fluctuation is small.
Agknx worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to operate for up to ten hours per day with an even load. The design of this worm gear reducer gearbox stems from Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ extensive experience in gear reducer gearboxes. The smooth surface texture and precise tooth profile of the gears ensure that the gears can withstand high loads without damaging the lubricant film. In addition, Agknx worm shafts are specially designed to have the right stiffness.
Agknx worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to maximize load capacity while minimizing energy consumption. Its fully meshed teeth reduce surface pressure on the worm gear teeth and increase load capacity.
worm reducerDouble throat worm gear

There are a few things to consider when choosing a dual-throat worm gear. First, the diameter of the root circle must match the circle pitch of the larger gear. This measurement is usually done by measuring the distance between adjacent teeth. Alternatively, the worm’s normal module can be used. It is the value entered in the worm module dialog. In addition, the axial pitch of the worm should be equal to the pitch diameter of the circular pitch.
Double-throat worm gears are an excellent choice for heavy and heavy-duty applications. The design of this worm gear is ideal for heavy-duty applications as it provides a tighter connection between the worm and the gear. It is also more compact than other types of gear and is comparable to a fine-pitch lead screw.
The efficiency of a double-throat worm gear depends on the material of the gear and worm. Typically, gears are made of case-hardened steel, while worm gears are made of bronze or cast iron. In some cases, a combination of cast iron and bronze can be used.
The deflection of the worm shaft is also affected by the tooth parameters. Tooth height, pressure angle, and size factors all affect the deflection of the worm shaft. In addition, the number of worm threads is another important parameter that affects the deflection of the worm shaft.
Double-throat worm gears are commonly used in industrial applications where high drive reduction is required. The worm has a concave and internal tooth structure that can be adjusted to achieve various ratios. Worm gears and worm gear assemblies must be properly mounted on their shafts to prevent back drive.
Brass worm gear

The basic working principle of the brass worm gear reducer gearbox is the same as that of the traditional worm gear reducer gearbox. Its axial pitch must be equal to the circumferential pitch of the larger gear. The single-thread design advances one tooth per revolution, while the double-thread design advances two teeth. The threads on the worm are either left-handed or right-handed. The lead of a worm is the distance a point on the thread of the worm moves in one revolution. The lead angle is the angle tangent to the pitch of the cylinder and the axis of the worm.
Double-thread worm gear reducer gearboxes are best for heavy loads. It provides the tightest connection between the worm and the gear. Assembly of the worm gear requires precise mounting. The keyway installation method involves drilling a square cut in the gear hole. This prevents the worm from rotating on the shaft and helps transmit torque. Then use the set screw to secure the gear to the hub.
The large fuel tank helps keep the worm gear clean and reduces heat. It also provides lubrication for extended life. Worm gear reducer gearboxes with oil reservoirs provide a lubricated environment and low-friction surfaces. Additionally, it offers multi-position installation flexibility. Additionally, its housing is cross-milled for precise alignment. It also features internal baffles for leak-free ventilation.
I260 series worm gear reducer gearboxes are one-piece iron casings with solid or hollow output shafts and tapered roller bearings. This gear reducer gearbox is designed for low to medium-horsepower applications. This gear reducer gearbox is a cost-effective option with low initial cost, the high gear ratio, and high torque in a compact package. Also, it is more shock resistant than other gear reducer gearboxes.
worm reducerBrass worm gear

Brass worm gear reducer gearbox is a reduction gear. This type of gear can provide a lot of reduction in a small package. This type of gear reducer gearbox also has the ability to generate high torque. However, it is important to understand that this gear reducer gearbox has thermal limitations, which reduce its efficiency. The choice of lubricant for this gear reducer gearbox is very flexible. However, being a yellow metal, it is important to remember that the lubricant must be non-reactive.
Worm gears are used in many consumer and industrial applications and have high reduction ratios. These gears are produced in various configurations and sizes. Worm gears are similar to spur gears but have non-parallel shafts. Worm gears are also suitable for applications requiring low output speed but high torque.
Worm gears have some distinct advantages over other gears. First, unlike standard gears, the worm rotates in a worm-like motion. This mechanism prevents reverse movement. This is because the lead angle of the worm gear is small. Additionally, the worms self-lock, helping to prevent reversal. However, this mechanism is not entirely reliable. Worm gears can be found in elevators, fishing reels, sprockets, and automotive power steering.
Another advantage of worm gears is that they are easy to manufacture. The rationale behind this design is to have two mutually perpendicular axes. Then, two or more threads are added to the worm gear. The common tangent between these two shafts intersects the pitch line of the worm gear shaft. This is the basis of transfer speed.

China Professional Worm Gear Speed Reducer Transmission Motor Reduction Worm Gearbox   supplier China Professional Worm Gear Speed Reducer Transmission Motor Reduction Worm Gearbox   supplier
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China Manufacturer Best Prices Worm Gear Reduction Gearbox with Good Service supplier

Solution Description

Merchandise Description

Product Parameters

Packaging & Transport

Business Profile

US $100-500
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Layout: Coaxial
Gear Shape: Conical – Cylindrical Gear
Step: Single-Step


US$ 60/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample


US $100-500
/ Piece
1 Piece

(Min. Order)


Application: Motor, Electric Cars, Motorcycle, Machinery, Marine, Toy, Agricultural Machinery, Car
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Vertical Type
Layout: Coaxial
Gear Shape: Conical – Cylindrical Gear
Step: Single-Step


US$ 60/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample



Worm gear reducer gearbox

A worm gear reducer gearbox is a gear reducer gearbox that uses a worm gear train to reduce the required force. Unlike traditional gear reducer gearboxes, these units are small and require low horsepower ratings. This reduces their efficiency, but their low cost and compact design help make up for this shortcoming. However, these gear reducer gearboxes have some drawbacks, including their tendency to lock up when reversing.
worm reducer

high efficiency

High-efficiency worm reducer gearboxes are ideal for applications where high performance, repeatability, and accuracy are critical. It consists of an input hypoid gear and an output hypoid bevel gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm, so for every revolution of the input worm, the output gear makes one revolution. This arrangement reduces friction (another source of energy loss) in a high-efficiency worm gear to at least two arc minutes.
Compared with worm gear reducer gearboxes, hypoid gearmotors offer several advantages, including lower operating costs and higher efficiency. For example, hypoid gear motors can transmit more torque even at high reduction ratios. Also, they are more efficient than worm gear reducer gearboxes, which means they can produce the same output with a smaller motor.
In recent years, the efficiency of worm gear reducer gearboxes has been dramatically improved. Manufacturers have made great strides in materials, design, and manufacturing. New designs, including dual-enveloping worm gear reducer gearboxes, increase efficiency by 3 to 8 percent. These improvements were made possible through countless hours of testing and development. Worm gear reducer gearboxes also offer lower initial costs and higher overload capability than competing systems.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are popular because they provide maximum reduction in a small package. Their compact size makes them ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications and they are reticent. They also offer higher torque output and better shock load tolerance. Finally, they are an economical option to reduce the device’s power requirements.

low noise

Low-noise worm gear reducer gearboxes are designed to reduce noise in industrial applications. This type of reducer gearbox uses fewer bearings and can work in various mounting positions. Typically, a worm reducer gearbox is a single-stage unit with only one shaft and one gear. Since there is only one gear, the noise level of the worm gear reducer gearbox will be lower than other types.
A worm gear reducer gearbox can be integrated into the electric power steering system to reduce noise. Worm reducer gearboxes can be made and from many different materials. The following three-stage process will explain the components of a low-noise worm reducer gearbox.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be mounted at a 90-degree angle to the input worm shaft and are available with various types of hollow or solid output shafts. These reducer gearboxes are especially beneficial for applications where noise reduction is essential. They also have fewer parts and are smaller than other types of reducer gearboxes, making them easier to install.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available from various manufacturers. Due to their widespread availability, gear manufacturers maintain extensive inventories of these reducer gearboxes. The worm gear ratio is standard, and the size of the worm gear reducer gearbox is universal. Also, worm gear reducer gearboxes do not need to be sized for a specific purpose, unlike other load interruptions.
worm reducer


A worm gear reducer gearbox is a transmission mechanism with a compact structure, large transmission ratio, and self-locking function under certain conditions. The worm gear reducer gearbox series products are designed with American technology and have the characteristics of stable transmission, strong bearing capacity, low noise, and compact structure. In addition, these products can provide a wide range of power supplies. However, these worm reducer gearboxes are prone to leaks, usually caused by design flaws.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are available in single-stage and double-stage. The first type consists of an oil tank that houses the worm gear and bearings. The second type uses a worm gear with a sleeve for the first worm gear.
When choosing a gear reducer gearbox, it is essential to choose a high-quality unit. Improper gear selection can cause rapid wear of the worm gear. While worm gear reducer gearboxes are generally durable, their degree of wear depends on the selection and operating conditions. For example, overuse, improper assembly, or working in extreme conditions can lead to rapid wear.
Worm reducer gearboxes reduce speed and torque. Worm gears can be used to reduce the speed of rotating machines or inertial systems. Worm gears are a type of bevel gear, and their meshing surfaces have great sliding force. Because of this, worm gears can carry more weight than spur gears. They are also harder to manufacture. However, the high-quality design of the worm gear makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring high torque and high-speed rotation.
Worm gears can be manufactured using three types of gears. For large reduction ratios, the input and output gears are irreversible. However, the worm reducer gearbox can be constructed with multiple helices. The multi-start worm drive also minimizes braking effects.

Self-locking function

The worm reducer gearbox is self-locking to prevent the load from being driven back to the ground. The self-locking function is achieved by a worm that meshes with the rack and pinion. When the load reaches the highest position, the reverse signal is disabled. The non-locking subsystem back-drives the load to its original position, while the self-locking subsystem remains in its uppermost position.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer gearbox is a valuable mechanical feature. It helps prevent backing and saves the cost of the braking system. Additionally, self-locking worm gears can be used to lift and hold loads.
The self-locking worm gear reducer gearbox prevents the drive shaft from driving backward. It works with the axial force of the worm gear. A worm reducer gearbox with a self-locking function is a very efficient machine tool.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be made with two or four teeth. Single-ended worms have a single-tooth design, while double-ended worms have two threads on the cylindrical gear. A multi-boot worm can have up to four boots. Worm reducer gearboxes can use a variety of gear ratios, but the main advantage is their compact design. It has a larger load capacity than a cross-shaft helical gear mechanism.
The self-locking function of the worm reducer gearbox can also be used for gear sets that are not necessarily parallel to the shaft. It also prevents backward travel and allows forward travel. The self-locking function is achieved by a ratchet cam arranged around the gear member. It also enables selective coupling and decoupling between gear members.
worm reducer

high gear ratio

Worm reducer gearboxes are an easy and inexpensive way to increase gear ratios. These units consist of two worm gears – an input worm gear and an output worm gear. The input worm rotates perpendicular to the output worm gear, which also rotates perpendicular to itself. For example, a 5:1 worm gearbox requires 5 revolutions per worm gear, while a 60:1 worm gearbox requires 60 revolutions. However, this arrangement is prone to inefficiency since the worm gear experiences only sliding friction, not rolling friction.
High-reduction applications require many input revolutions to rotate the output gear. Conversely, low input speed applications suffer from the same friction issues, albeit with a different amount of friction. Worms that spin at low speeds require more energy to maintain their movement. Worm reducer gearboxes can be used in many types of systems, but only some are suitable for high-speed applications.
Worm gears are challenging to produce, but the envelope design is the best choice for applications requiring high precision, high efficiency, and minimal backlash. Envelope design involves modifying gear teeth and worm threads to improve surface contact. However, this type of worm gear is more expensive to manufacture.
Worm gear motors have lower initial meshing ratios than hypoid gear motors, which allows the use of smaller motors. So a 1 hp worm motor can achieve the same output as a 1/2 hp motor. A study by Agknx compared two different types of geared motors, comparing their power, torque, and gear ratio. The results show that the 1/2 HP hypoid gear motor is more efficient than the worm gear motor despite the same output.
Another advantage of the worm gear reducer gearbox is the low initial cost and high efficiency. It offers high ratios and high torque in a small package, making it ideal for low to medium-horsepower applications. Worm gear reducer gearboxes are also more shock-resistant.
China Manufacturer Best Prices Worm Gear Reduction Gearbox with Good Service     supplier China Manufacturer Best Prices Worm Gear Reduction Gearbox with Good Service     supplier
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china supplier Reverse Gear Me605182 for Mitsubishi PS120 46t manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Reverse Gear Me65712 for CZPT PS120 46t

Item Title

Reverse equipment ME65712 for CZPT PS120 46T







Product number




Detailed Images



Company Profile



Our Positive aspects


Our group




Packaging & CZPT


china  provider Reverse Equipment Me605182 for Mitsubishi PS120 46t makers

china supplier POM Plastic Custom Precision Machine Shaft Drive Cylindrical Spur Gear manufacturers

Product Description

HangZhou CZPT xin Steel & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd is an ISO 9001–2000 accredited company for CZPT parts, focus on producing injection mold plastic products and plastic components,we providing various varieties goods allover the globe.

We have professional CZPT team which has more than 5 engineers who is excellent at plastic injection mold layout, we can provide a single cease provider from drawing design, resources & samples producing, mass productions, packing till shipment. In addition to carry out entire approach inspection, CZPT specialists also can offer technical help & session services.

Product sales crew are considerate and good at comprehending your thought and points, where help to make your operate considerably eaiser. 24*7 comminication provider, whenever you require us, we are right here for you

We have abundant activities to cooperate with makers, wholesaler, investing organizations and agents in North CZPT ica,western CZPT pean countries, this kind of as United states, Canada, Germany, France, CZPT , Spain, Holland, and so forth. So we have self-assurance to match different CZPT ers and CZPT requirments. 

In all, let us to be your reliable CZPT spouse!

one. CZPT /ODM orders are appropriate.

2. CZPT your personal plastic products with Symbol.

3. Superb style crew,

4. Skilled technological team

5. CZPT d machines and products.

6. Professional revenue staffs

7. Lively services crew

8. Material:PP/P/PE/Abdominal muscles/PLA/PA/TPR

nine. CZPT Time 20- 40 Days


1. Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

     We are a manufacturer with CZPT personal trade organization.

two. What variety of trade phrases can you do?

        EX-Functions,FOB,CIF,DDP, DDU
3. Do you often modify the substance to decrease the value?

     No,we will guarantee the mould good quality and life ,unless of course the CZPT er have the request .we are
     sincerely handle all CZPT ers . 

four. Can you guarantee the quality ?
      Yes ,We have a professional quality inspection office,the mold is strickly examined just before cargo.also ship the plastic items sample to you for examining the        mildew s quality .
5. Do you help CZPT ?
    Of course, we can produce by specialized drawings or samples. 

6.Can I test my thought/part prior to committing to mould device manufacture?

    We have a professional design and style staff who will appraise your needs for layout and features and give you an answer.

seven.What type of plastic is greatest for my design/ingredient?

    CZPT selection relies upon on the software of your layout and the environment in which it will perform. We are really glad to  discuss the alternatives and give you      best suggestions .
8. How about your shipping time?
    Usually, it consider 40 times ( 30 days do mold and ten times do mass creation).

china  provider POM Plastic Personalized Precision Equipment Shaft Generate Cylindrical Spur Gear manufacturers

china supplier DIN Standard Bevel Gear M1.5 manufacturers

Product Description

XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS.HUA Chain CZPT is the most professional company of CZPT transmission in CZPT , producing roller chains, business sprockets, motorcycle sprockets, casting sprockets, various kind of couplings, pulleys, taper bushes, locking gadgets, gears, shafts, CNC precision areas and so on.
We undertake excellent high quality uncooked materials and rigid with DIN, ANSI, JIS normal ect, We have expert quality conrol staff, complet gear, advanaced engineering. In 1999, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.hua obtained ISO9001 Certification of High quality Assurance Technique, in addition to, the business also devotes itselt o environmental safety, In2002, it also received ISO14001 Certificate of CZPT Administration Program.

Regular bevel gear with spline
Equipment with straight tooth
Precision Forging
Mould from .5–16
20CrMnTi, 20Cr, 40Cr
Substantial quality lubrication

Spiral Bevel Equipment Equipment Spline I Spline II
Module Min 1.five one.5
Max five. four.
Teeth Number Min 16 30
Max 30 fifty
Pressure CZPT le Min 17° 20°
Max 25° 30°
Pitch CZPT le Min 18°
Max 56°
Spiral CZPT le Min 20°
Max 35°
O.D Min 26
Max 157
L(max)   200

china  provider DIN Normal Bevel Equipment M1.5 companies

china supplier Nylon Peek Bevel Worm Gear Spur Gears for Precision Equipment manufacturers

Product Description

Nylon Peek Bevel Worm Equipment Spur gears for CZPT tools

1. CZPT Cnc stainless steel components strictly according to CZPT er’s drawing,packing and high quality ask for
two. Tolerance: Can be retained in +/-.005mm
three. The most CZPT d CMM inspector to make sure the good quality
four. Skilled technological innovation engineers and nicely qualified workers
5. CZPT and well timed supply. CZPT ily&specialist provider
six. Give CZPT er specialist suggestion while in the procedure of CZPT er designing to preserve costs.Our freight price is typically thirty-50% lower than CZPT er’s
seven. CZPT ers can use PAYPAL and other on the internet payment platform to shell out a small sum of sample price to shorten the sample generation time
8. Top quality assurance in accordance with ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016

Materials Offered for CNC Machining

Material Stainless metal SS201 SS303 SS304 SS316 17-4PH SUS440C
Steel  Q235 twenty#-forty five#  etc
Brass  C36000(C26800)  C37700(HPb59) C38500(HP6 fifty eight) C27200(CuzN37)etc
Iron 1213 12L14 1215 etc
Bronze C51000 C52100 C5400etc
Aluminum Al6061 Al6063 Al7075 AL5052 and so on
Alloy A2 D2 SKD11 DF2 XW/5 ASP-23

Phrases and Conditons 

Our Processing CNC machining, CNC milling and turning, drilling, grinding, , stamping, tapping, 
Surface finish Hard Coating/Black Anodize/Obvious Anodize/Difficult Chrome/Distinct Zinc/Plasma Niride
Tolerance .005mm
QC Technique 100% inspection before shipment
Drawing format DWG/ IGS/ CZPT /Action,/IGES/X-T/PDF and and so on.
Packaging Regular package / Carton box or Pallet / As per CZPT ized specs
Payment Phrases one) CZPT ern CZPT for samples price or extremely small purchase
two) 100% T/T in CZPT when volume considerably less than 1000USD
3) 50% deposit, fifty% harmony by T/T ahead of cargo when buy volume from 3000USD to 5000USD.
four) 30% deposit, 70% equilibrium by T/T ahead of shipment when order volume in excess of 5000USD.
5) L/C payment time period for big volume purchase is appropriate.
Trade terms EXW, FOB, CIF, As per CZPT er’s ask for
Cargo Conditions one) -100kg: specific & air freight priority
two) >100kg: sea freight priority
three) As for every CZPT ized specs

All CNC machining components are CZPT created according to CZPT er’s drawings or samples, no inventory.If you have any CNC machining elements to be manufactured, remember to really feel free to send out your variety drawings/samples to us anytime by email.


KGL CZPT ry&Electronics Co., Ltd.(KGL) was founded in 2013, an independent private business that integrated R&D, generation, product sales and service.KGL is focused on CNC precision machining areas, primarily applied in the discipline of robotics, communications, health-related, automation, and CZPT -made intricate elements and CZPT -developed tools.The core competitiveness is quick reaction capability, high quality assurance program and expense manage capacity.We supply benefit-added companies to CZPT ers by way of more technological supporting, large quality item and fast reaction enterprise processing.So CZPT ers will be far more centered on their own organization and as a result enhance CZPT er value.

KGL CZPT ry&Electronics Co., Ltd.Now has high precision 3 axis CNC vertical machining heart, 4 axis machining middle, 5 axis machining centre imported from ZheJiang , precision grinding machine, precision wire-lower, EDM and CNC lathe about 50 units.The CZPT machining assortment is 2100*1600*800mm, and the machining accuracy can be reached to .005mm.The inspection instrument has CMM, profile projector, digital micro dial, large gauge, ID &OD micrometer, and so on.Skilled and seasoned management, engineers, inspectors and production staff is about 80.The primary processing components include cast iron, extruded material, steel, aluminum alloy, copper, stainless metal and CZPT CZPT plastics.

Our firm is aiming at “skilled quality and excellence services”.We have handed ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 high quality management method certification.The firm has often been oriented by CZPT er demand and regard for skills, constantly improve their strength, enhance service level and quality.With numerous CZPT pean and CZPT ican, Asian and domestic CZPT ers, we have recognized CZPT -expression great romantic relationship with widespread progress.Sincerely expect to join palms with you to generate the long term.

                                               ISO13485:2003                                                                                                            ISO9001:2008

Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A1:Indeed, we are a medium measurement ISO13485/ISO9001 certificated company with a wide variety of CZPT d equipment.Warmly welcome to check out CZPT manufacturing facility so that you can make confident this stage.

Q2:What is the MOQ?
A2:Bare minimum Get CZPT tity is a single piece/established.If you call for much more qty,the cost can be more competitive.

Q3:Can you do the mass production?
A3:Yes,we are a factory which can offer provider of precision CNC machining, rapid prototyping, wire reducing, tooling creating and etc.Right after you confirm the samples, we can begin mass creation.It is extremely convienient for CZPT ers to
Select us as a one-end resolution supplier.

This autumn:Which 3D drawing documents should go with the equipment?
A4:CNC machines only read through *IGS,*STP,*Phase,*IGES,*X-T structure, for *STL structure,it goes with 3D printer and SLA.

Q5:Is it possible to know how are my products likely on without visiting your business?
A5:We will supply a detailed generation schedule and ship weekly stories with images or video clips which display the machining progress.

Q6:Will my drawings be protected soon after sending to you?
A6:Indeed, we will keep them effectively and not launch to 3rd celebration with out your authorization.

Q7:What shall we do if we do not have drawings?
A7:Please deliver your sample to CZPT factory,then we can copy or supply you much better solutions.Make sure you send out us photographs or drafts with proportions(Size,Hight,Width),CAD or 3D file will be manufactured for you if positioned get.

Thank you quite a lot for studying, and warmly welcome to inquiry or go to us.
If any concern remember to come to feel cost-free to contact.


china  provider Nylon Peek Bevel Worm Equipment Spur Gears for Precision Equipment companies

china sales China Supplier CNC Machining Brass Worm Gear manufacturers

Merchandise Description


HangZhou Well worth CZPT CZPT nology Co., Ltd. started in 2001 , Business is found in the Chinese ancient metropolis — HangZhou. Our organization has been engaged in generating CZPT created CZPT accessories, CZPT /ODM spare parts and industrial components for many a long time, such as sand casting elements and investment decision casting spare components, forging components, sheet metallic stamping spare parts, machined areas and plastic areas, which are commonly utilised in petrochemical, automobile, chemical, environmental security , machinery, construction, agriculture, aerospace, maritime components and other industries.



Workshop products: CNC turning lathe, Grinding machine, Milling CZPT , CNC machining centre, Spark equipment, chopping-off device, card punch, EDM CZPT , Wire-Reducing CZPT , and some other normal processing machineries.
Submit processing device: Drill machine, multipoint drill equipment, Dull polish equipment, Polishing machine, Slinging equipment, Cylinder processing machine, lapping machine, punching, and baking finish products.

Manufacturing range Including: vehicle&motocycle, mining equipment, constructing industry, electrical and electronic merchandise, industrial machinery and tools, transportation, and and many others.

Authentication:We handed the ISO 9001-2015 International Top quality Technique

Technical specs:

1, Accuracy: in accordance to the dimension tolerance of machining of CZPT ers’ necessity.
2, Surface roughness: Ra .8-3.2
three, CZPT ght: ranging from .50g to ten,000kg
4, Floor end: sprucing, oiled(rust-prevented), zinc-plated, chrome-plated, hot-galvanized, sandblasting, portray, powder-coasting.

Inspection: in-house and 3rd social gathering
All the items are strictly inspected by operator and expert QC with file set down.
Universal inspection instruments: hardness tester, Top ruler, Depth ruler, Outside the house ruler, Venire Caliper,and so on.


stainless steel:SS304,SS304L,SS316,SS316L,SS430,SS201……
steel alloy:25CrMo,42CrMo,25Cr,40Cr,Q345,11SMn30……
iron cast:QT600,QT250,HT450,HT150……
titanium alloy:GR2,GR5,GR7,GR9……
tungsten alloy:WuNiFe alloy,Carbide Wolfram……
the blanks:stamping parts,forging parts,die casting parts,profile,extrusion……
the plastic:PP,PE,POM,Acrylic,Stomach muscles,Delrin……



THE Package AND Shipment




china  product sales China Provider CNC Machining Brass Worm Gear makers

china supplier Tactical Gear Spur Pump Cycle Survival Bevel Hydraulic Gear Pump Shift Knob Differential Military Screw Jack Plastic Motocross Crown Pinion Protective Hiking manufacturers

Item Description

tactical gear spur pump cycle survival bevel hydraulic equipment pump shift knob differential armed forces screw jack plastic motocross crown pinion protecting climbing  

china  supplier Tactical Gear Spur Pump Cycle Survival Bevel Hydraulic Equipment Pump Shift Knob Differential Military Screw Jack Plastic Motocross Crown Pinion Protecting Climbing producers

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Merchandise Description

 Top gear element plastic planetary motor pump filling machine exercise protecting fastened hubs bicycle riding speedometer change cable rack and pinion equipment

china  provider Top Equipment Component Plastic Planetary Motor Pump Filling Equipment Training Protective Set Hubs Bicycle Using Speedometer Change Cable Rack and Pinion Gear producers

china supplier Involute drive Machine Precision Injection Plastic Transmission Worm Helical Gear manufacturers

Solution Description

Copy Involute CZPT Injection Plastic Transmission Worm CZPT cal Equipment


Item Customized  machined injection plastic gears
Craft Approach Plastic Injection or CNC machining
 UL, Food and drug administration, RoHS and so forth.
Good quality Handle ISO9001 and ISO14001
Molds Material S316,H13,718,738,P20,H13,420SS
Mildew Daily life three hundred,000 shots or 1,000,000 shots or more
Mould Cavity One-cavity or two cavities or  Multi-cavity
Materials  Nylon, PA66, NYLON with 30% glass fibre, Stomach muscles, PP,Computer,PE,POM,PVC,PU,TPR,TPE,TPU,PA,PET,HDPE,PMMA and so forth.
Molds cavity Hardness 60 to 90 H.R.C
Dimensions/Coloration  Gears and areas dimensions are according to drawings from CZPT er, and shades are CZPT ized
Surface therapy Polished or matte surface area, portray, texture, vacuum aluminizing and can be stamped with symbol and many others.
Size Tolerance ±0.05mm or more specific
Work Movement chart Step1: Make tooling to begin with and common need to have 4~~6 weeks. Step2: Create and affirm samples.
Step3: 1 week for mass generation normal.
Samples affirmation and approval Cost-free samples delivered for confirmation and transport price compensated by CZPT ers
Deal Internal distinct plastic bag/outdoors carton/picket pallets/ or any other specific package as for each CZPT er’s demands.
Supply Time Complete requires 4~~6weeks usual
Payment Terms PAYPAL, T/T, CZPT ern CZPT
Delivery Typical FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS or base on customer’s requirement.



1. The personnel are qualified to inspect the gears and observe any defect in manufacturing in time.
2. QC will check out 1pcs each and every 100pcs in CNC machining, and gears will fulfill all dimension tolerances.
three. Gears will be inspected at every phase, and gears will be inspected just before shipment, and all inspection information will be kept in CZPT manufacturing unit for three many years.
4. Our product sales will send out you images at every single gears manufacturing actions, and you will know the detailed manufacturing standing, and you can discover any chance of error, for CZPT income, QC and staff are retaining close observe on all generation.
five. You will come to feel us functioning quite very carefully to assure the quality and effortless to function with, 
six. we cherish every inquiry, every single prospect to make gears and areas and cherish every CZPT er.

 QUALITY Manage Method:
1)       Inspecting the raw materials –IQC)
2)       Checking the details before the creation line operated
three)       Have total inspection and routing inspection for the duration of mass creation—In approach high quality manage (IPQC)
4)       Examining the gears right after manufacturing completed—- (FQC)
five)       Examining the gears soon after they are concluded—–Outgoing good quality manage (OQC)

1. Molds styles as for each CZPT ers’ gears drawing
2. Distributing molds drawings to CZPT ers to overview and affirm prior to mols production.
three. Offering samples with complete dimensions and beauty inspection report, material certification to CZPT ers.
four. Providing inspection report of critical proportions and cosmetic in batches components.

Packing and shipment:

one. Gears are properly and meticulously packed in PP bags in CTNS, robust sufficient for specific shipping, air shipment or sea cargo.
2. Air shipment, sea cargo or cargo by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT are availabe.
3. CZPT phrases: EXW, FOB HangZhou, or CIF
4. All shippings will be meticulously arranged and will achieve your places CZPT and safely.



Q1: What type of gears can you provide?

1. CZPT precision plastic and steel gears with minimal sounds, stable transmission

two. Plastic gear Injection mould

3. Gearbox and gearbox assembly


Q2: What is your benefit?

Skilled equipment and gearbox maker in CZPT Mainland, Proven in the year of 2008.  One-quit services from gear R&D, equipment design, gear mould create, equipment producing, and gearbox assembly

We geared up Japan first HAMAI N60 CNC gear hobbing equipment, Switzerland original Agie Charmilles C Axis EDM , MAKINO EDM, WEDM-LS, and Osaka JIS test centre, Osaka equipment mesh tester, concentricity tester, CMM, sounds check place and so on. CZPT d services give committed service to CZPT ers.  


  Q3: Why Decide on Q&C in CZPT ?

one. Skilled R&D Team: offer most ideal CZPT ize transmission solutions as for every software and CZPT er’s necessity.

2. Exceptional Top quality Manage: CZPT Top quality control system, one hundred% inspection or take a look at just before shipment.  

three. Superb Following Sales Monitoring Program: Supply Each and every Images, Supply and Advertising Details sharing.

four. Rapid response: income supply fast reaction in 24 several hours.


china  provider Involute generate Equipment Precision Injection Plastic Transmission Worm Helical Gear makers